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Our Mission

NGCL strives for excellence in logistics. Our mission is to contribute to the economic development of the country and the region by providing the expertise and strategies that promote and further logistics. NGCL thus started its activities with education. We educate the future leader of the logistics industry, train staff and provide skills that the industry needs to realise its full potential. But the Centre immediately expanded its activities with research since knowing and learning more about the specific conditions of logistics in Southern Africa is essential not only for proper education but also for developing new strategies for the industry. Excellence also needs a sound network of experts. That’s why we aim at gathering and connecting local and regional companies, industry partners and the administration and authorities in networking events and conferences.


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What we Offer

The portfolio of the Centre is developed from a needs-based approach, according to what is needed to let logistics become a powerful motor for economic development. These four main fields of action are Education and Training – Applied Research – Consulting – Networking

  • Events

    The Namibian-German Centre for Logistics holds numerous events throughout the year. This is whats on offer at the moment

  • Education

    In cooperation with the two partner universities NGCL is part of four academic programmes. These are: Bachelor of Logistics and Supply Chain Management Bachelor of Transport Management Bachelor of Logistics (Honours) Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management All focus on the specific needs and challenges of logistics in the SADC region. These are for example effective usage of port and logistics corridor, supply chain management for sparse regions and value added services in logistics. Students get holistic insights in business processes, technology, information systems and legal framework. The programmes are theoretically based but give a strong emphasis on practise. Logistics practitioners from the region and experts from abroad gave important input in the curriculum development for maximum practical relevance of the content. Students are furthermore integrated in the centre’s technology transfer projects to gain real life experiences. Our almuni are part of an international alumni network through DAAD.

  • Training and Short courses

    In order to keep up with competitors and to use resources more efficiently, logistics and transport professionals need constant continuing education in their field. To facilitate the continuous education and development of logistics and transport professionals the centre has secured Accredited Education Provider status for some renowned professional bodies: Chartered Institute for Logistics and Transport UK Chartered Institute for Procurement and Supply Operations Management Association for Southern Africa The Centre is also member of the Supply Chain Council. As Accredited Education Provider for CILT, we have many years of experience in offering the following qualifications: Advanced Diploma in Transport and Logistics“ in Windhoek, Luderitz and Walvis Bay Professional Diploma in Transport and Logistics“ in , Windhoek, Walvis Bay and Tsumeb currently For your convenience, we do also offer tailor-made training for your staff, just contact Brighten for a meeting to discuss requirements   CIPSSAPICS   CILT logo

  • Applied Research

    Our goal is to provide a centre of excellence for logistics in Namibia. Therefore, we started our research work by initiating a major project called “State of Logistics in Namibia”, which comprised a thorough survey-based examination of the situation of relevant industry sectors and companies in the country. Thus we are guided by the results of our “State of Logistics” project, but also feedback from stakeholders following the annual workshop and, most importantly, by the government’s requirements as expressed in their NDP_4 and vision 2030 documents. These unanimously point to logistics and one of the key factors that will influence the future of the country, and the region. This gives a lot of starting points for more research work. With this major work accomplished we have settled a sound base for our Applied Research. This entails for example analysis of supply chains, identifying bottlenecks, finding solutions for procurement challenges, or identifying your companies opportunities with the expansion of the port in Walvis Bay or the use of dryports. Contact Dr. Kenneth Odero if you want to learn more!